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    Horse riding, reading books, going for long long walks, music, friends, relaxing.

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  1. Thank you for your nice answer. So far, I have got the impression, yes, this is the right site, everybody tries to help I wish you all the best too, take care, may be were here more of each other?? netta
  2. Thank you teazle for your reply, it is still not easy, but it helps to start writing. Your take care too. netta
  3. Hi, i am new here and would like to say hello to everybody. I have been raped a year ago, and this is the first time i'm talking about it. Yes, it's much easer to write about it for now... when i am ready, i will talk more about it. Well, only these few lines make me nervous. I am german, but live in england, the country i always loved and where i always wanted to live. For two months i was happy here, but since then... Well, nice to meet you all !! Netta
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