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  1. Hi, Another one from Australia here! Hope you find what you are looking for here. Natalia
  2. Welcome Nat! Another Aussie Nat here - I have only been here a few days, but I think this will help more than other measures I have taken - I hope you feel that way too! Natalia
  3. I understand where you are coming from with wanting to "name it". I was very, very hesitant to describe recent circumstances as "rape". I discussed this with my counsellor, and she asked me if I would call it "sex without consent". I said "Yes, absolutely!". She replied (very gently): "Well, sex without consent *IS* rape". This really helped me.
  4. Thanks again for the welcomes, especially to the Aussie ladies - nice to know I have some of you near me!
  5. Thanks Dream, I find the trust issue is a huge factor in this. On one hand I feel uneasy about trusting people, on the other I feel like: why should this guy change the trusting, open way I am...and I tend to vascilate (sp?) between the two extremes. I was not hurt physically at all, but the trust issue is just gut wrenching. This most recent incident happened in my home too, outside my kids' rooms, so I felt like he totally manipulated me into a situation where I wouldn't do anything for fear of waking them. Arghh, it just goes round and round in my head and makes me crazy! If I don't
  6. Thanks again for your kind welcomes! Natalia
  7. Thanks for the welcomes. I am finding that even though I have dealt with a lot of the issues that arose from the recent rape, I feel like I have regressed and am struggling almost as much as the weeks after it happened. I just want to be "better" and stop wallowing in this!
  8. Hi there, My name is Natalia (as you can probably tell from my imaginative nick choice!) and I am from Australia. I have joined as I am not coping as well as I would like. I was abused as a child, drugged and raped at age 18 by two anonymous guys, but a recent rape (in June 2006) by a "friend" has been the hardest to cope with. I often think if I didn't know this guy it would be easier to deal with. I am hoping I might be able to find some support, and who knows - perhaps in time some answers to the odd ways I feel at times. Thanks for reading thus far, Natalia
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