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  1. I used to visit this forum in the past. I have a lot of abuse issues. I felt like I had dealt with them in therapy but I had some horrible things take place right after Christmas. All that old stuff has popped back up also. I don't really want to write it all out yet but I needed a place to come where I could be with other survivors. Maybe something to do when I can't sleep? Or at least to have some one read my poems or see my art. Both is very healing for me but some things you can't share with just anyone... so that's my intro this time around.
  2. oops I forgot one after telling someone a piece of my story...I get the pitiful stare...I shrink a little inside...then comes the horribly awkward silence
  3. nice thread...Good to know I'm not the only one who runs into insensitive fuckheads... "Did he ejaculate inside you?" Did he ...the list goes on?"...Does it really matter if he(fill in blank) I hurt inside and I'm humiliated every time you ask these horrible questions. Get over it is a common on for me as well When at the hospital after last time I was r*ped...at first everyone was kind until they found out I had done drugs that night then it was suddenly unimportant that it happened. I was a loser, a stoner who cares. My mom after last r*pe...She cries, yells, screams, you don't ever tell me anything. I just wanted her to hold me and say it was going to be ok. She refused to hug me even. She was mad I didn't go running to her right after it happened. Why would I if you make me feel worse. She did apologize later and has helped me though some things. "you had sex with him before why was this time any different?" "at least you got some."
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