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  1. I regret reporting my father everyday of my life. I recently decided that Im going to meet with him soon and let him know that Ive forgiven him. For some odd reason I almost feel the need to apologize to him for destroying the father daughter aspect of our relationship. My father was the only person in my life as a child that would say they loved me. Although behind closed doors he was sexually abusing me in every other aspect he was nice and loving while everyone around me abused me. I thought by telling I was doing the right thing but actually I rid myself of the only ounce of love and kindness that I had. After that ny life was even more terrible. With absolutely no one who cared anything about me at all I ysed to wonder if maybe I had made a mistake by telling. Twenty years later and I have still yet ti encounter anyone who loved me as purely as my father did when he wasn't hurting me. If I had it to do all over again I think I would have tried talking to my dad first and attempting to salvage the good parts of our relationship. I don't know, I just think no good could ever come out of abusing the child who depended ob you as a sole source for love.
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