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    Hiking, camping, video games, dancing, gardening. There's much more, but I'll stick with a short list for now.

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  1. Hello and welcome! I understand these things can be hard to talk about. I've found that being here and talking about things has helped me so I could work up the courage to talk about it. This is a great space, with lots of understanding people. I hope that you are able to open up and get what you need here!
  2. Welcome! This has been my first experience with being apart of an online community like this, I was also nervous at first. It takes a lot of courage to come here and talk about things, so I want to say I applaud your courage. I hope that being here and talking to people helps you!
  3. @ louiseroi - I'm so sorry for what you are going through, but I'm really happy you are seeing a specialist! You are so brave for confronting your problems, never forget that! Many well wishes that working with your therapist will help you with what has happened. @ Harmonious - Thank you! I'm glad you decided to join. I know I read blogs and stories before I came here, always looking for answers, guidance, anything to help me. I finally realized if I didn't open up about it, I was never going to make any progress. I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad it's helped you! @ ActivistAlly - Thank you f
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Just having people respond with kind words makes me feel more comfortable already. Reading through this forum makes me feel inspired to be strong, and work through my problems. And, hopefully I can help give you all support as well, I really want to contribute to this community. Thank you all for your support
  5. Hi all, I'm a little nervous, but I'm looking forward to talking to everyone here. I have a hard time talking about what's happened to me, I've gone to therapists about OCD/anxiety/depression and always end up lying because it's hard for me to talk about. I'm about to start with a new therapist, now that I have health insurance again, and want to be able to open up and be honest. I'm hoping that sharing my experiences here will help me be able to talk about it. This forum seems like it's got a lot of love and support, I'm thankful to have this as a place to open up about my past. Thank you all
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