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  1. Hi hi (^o^) Well thanks for joining, you can tell your history when you feel ready to share it :3 I'm Nía, nice to meet you.
  2. Hi hi! Is normal to hesitate, but here no one's will judge you, everybody here are kind and beautiful persons. I know that you feel alone, but here's comfortable and also you can find friends. In my life i don't like to make so many friends, but here is other thing. I'm friend of everybody here since i realised how was the people here we all have the same problem. And i read your profile I'm sorry for what happened to you, it's painful because we understand that pain and anyone doesn't want that for other person. It changes you... Also i saw your interest and we had some things in common, i
  3. Hi Be welcome to this wonderful place ❤ I'm Nía, first of all... Stay stronger always, no matter what. Counseling is a good step, i will start with a psychologist this monday... Please you can release every frustration, writing is a healthy way to release your feelings. And as Mary said we all want peace and healing. ☺
  4. Hi everyone Yeah, I'm still living in Venezuela. I will write you NeedPeace, thanks for the support sunshine and all of you guys, and well if you guys need something, can write me too. Or for knowing things about my country for a homework maybe? Or Spanish Everyone are so kind I'm here to help too and being an example of struggling how i can.
  5. Thank you ❤ I love vocaloid and this song (the caption and the profile pic are from a song of vocaloid)
  6. Falling apart (n-n)

  7. Thank you NeedPeace I really found relief in this forum yesterday. Today i was thinking to post my story and... I get nervous too and insecure after remember all the things that i have to write. Mary is so kind, I've seen that she's the first to help others and comment ❤ she have a warm heart how i can see.
  8. Your situation reminds me the mine with my boyfriend. He doesn't understand, but remember at least your boyfriend tries and anybody is perfect and they can't say to us what we want to hear. But i always thought that is more important the love than the words sometimes. Even a tight hug works while we cry... And you know, having someone to protect you.
  9. Your welcome, ❤ i completely understand you. You have to be strong too for your child, yout family, the mother love is the most unconditional in the world. And we all through for this kind of things ❤ i understand your nerves but we all need to liberate that charge to get better (n-n)
  10. Hi, welcome Sapphire.. My name is Sthefany but you can call me Nia, I'm new too. I'm going to share my story later too. I hope you find this forum as a relief as i do yesterday. I had doubt about this but i need help too. Remember that we all support each other.
  11. Thank you Mary, Minerba and reglois. I really appreciate this. ❤
  12. Apparently is something to do with the server i can't upload a picture either. We just have to wait
  13. What doesn't kill you, it will make you more stronger ❤

  14. Thank you <3 Well since" i go out" apparently of my psychological problem when i had 16 (a year ago). My family starts to get the calm they needed for so many years, i used to hate my mom, but now she's my entire world. So i not seeing a counselor but i hope to see it in when i go to the college. My mom represent perfectly the forgiveness and who helped me a lot is my actual boyfriend... But lately we had a lot pf problems for my fault and he thinks that i have to see a professional because what affects me is out of my hands and i also hate being alone with myself. So practically I'm figh
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