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  1. welcome Hope you feel Good After you check the site and get aquanted. Natsumi
  2. nmkkato


    I am Natumi. A 7 year survivor. wanted to do a Public Welcome. My story is very upsetting But! I am also trying to heal.
  3. The Day of Awaking. Blog of Natsumi Katou. Dated 6th day in the 2nd Month in the 15 year of 2000. at 0:40 My Name is Natsumi Mieko Kimi Katou. That name has stuck with me for years. My Real name is Jan. I am from the Philippiens. Immigarant. Not yet a US Citizen. This blog of mine. will walk you through my life. and my experience of whom, and As me. and not as anyone else but me. I was born on April 21st 1983 in Batangas Philipppines. I have been in and out of the United States since 2008. In collage part time at the SETI Institute studdying Astronomy and Astrophysics. I do have a job. in part of the schooling. I am here cause I was once a Rape Victim. and I still am. But I'll get to that later down the road.
  4. My Name is Natsumi K****. 7 year survivor. been through much more though. one cancer scare. and being homesick as well. Immigrant to the US. and asking for any advise if all else fails.
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    me and everything.
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