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  1. Hello all. I have awoken from my slumber. I am a victim of inhumane physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. I am also a kidnapping victim. I wrote a poem for myself and maybe, it will help others. I don' tknow where to turn or what to do. Here's my poem, to help others, maybe. I will come back for you. I know how frightened you are, I can hear you screaming, I know how confused you soon will become, they did this. I know the tip of the needle will hurt you so badly, And I know that your going to lose your life even if you don't. I know your nights are filled with terror and tears, I know all you want to do is love so much, The are going to steal it from you without you even knowing. They are going to take your soul and drag it through hell. It matters not how far your thrown, The words you hear tomorrow will hurt you but not defeat you. They will take your humanity and throw in a closet like an old coat, They will take your joys because their yours, not theirs. Fear not, young man, the tears that are falling ARE yours, Do not fret hiding in the leaves, you, one day, will remember the rolling clouds fondly. Draw and write as much as you can until that too is gone, You will again, one day pick up your pen and write this poem . You are not theirs and their belts, their needles and their insults won't change that, You are going to suffer while you hang in your closet, do not fear it: I am with you. You are going to lose all the things they hate about you. Soon, very soon, you will be nothing more than an animal in the dirt. You will soon, lose what mind they failed to crush, You will suffer in ways you can't even imagine yet, my heart breaks for you. You will be robbed of your very humanity and turned into scum, You will lose everything but it's not your fault. You will hurt others not because your your the devil but because you were told you were the devil. Fear not, young man, they aren't your fists and there not your sins. You will hold onto the dreams they give and then take away, I know you won't listen to me now and that's ok. You will not die in the dark but you will suffer in it, You can't hear my voice and you will only hear their screams. I love you more now then I ever will, you will one day be safe, Do what you must to survive in the flames, I will come back for you. Michael 1/29/2015
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