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  1. Thank you all for the welcome
  2. Hi everyone, I am not new to this site but I haven't been on in ages so I wanted to reintroduce myself. I am 25 and have a long history of abuse, physical, emotional and sexual. It has been a long road but I am slowly learning there is healing. I work with disabled, mentally handicapped and emotionally challenged children doing horse therapy and I love it. There is a lot going on and this site has helped a lot in the past so I am back
  3. God hears and cares

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    2. SilentBird


      I am glad that faith in a deity comforts you.

    3. Silentandafraid


      He is what has gotten me through

    4. Silentandafraid


      It's hard to see Him sometimes but He is there and He cares


  4. Welcome, I understand about it being overwhelming. When I first joined I felt that way as well but these are an amazing group of caring people who will come beside you and support you
  5. Thanks! I've missed you too
  6. There is healing and you can be restored 

  7. Welcome! this is a wonderful place with some of the kindest most caring people ever
  8. Hello everyone, I am not new but I haven't been on in ages, I hope everyone is doing well and am looking forward to getting caught up with friends
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