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  1. Hi Nia, Are you currently still in Venezuela? It's good that you found this forum, as it proven to be very helpful to me. There is no pressure (or need) to share your story before you are ready. AS is a gentle and supportive place. I just noticed in a previous post that someone said you speak Spanish, if you ever want to PM me in Spanish...I, too speak Spanish... Take Gentle Care...
  2. Hi Sapphire and Sthepania, Like Mary said, you have found a wonderful forum...and for the two of you to connect within this forum, is an added blessing. I was fortunate to find someone with whom I share like experiences with, and she is an amazing woman that is always there to encourage me. I too am trying to sort through feelings, and figure out my thoughts and feelings as they come flooding back. To have amazing men in your life who are working and wanting to support you is a blessing, but has also got to be difficult on both of you in the relationship. Take strength from each other on this forum. Mary is one of the strongest, most kind women on this forum...by th way, so take strength in her encouragement as well. Again, welcome to you both... Take Gentle Care...
  3. Neko You've made a good choice, and a huge step...and while none of us are "therapies" (at least I'M not...someone may be, I don't know for sure)...AS, has proven to me to be a completely safe, and "therapeutic" forum. I came to this forum after an extremely bad experience on another online forum, so it took me a long time to try again. It is hard for some to open up, but there is no pressure to do so, it's certainly not a requirement , and you'll find that people are gentle and the moderators caring. Welcome, and may you find AS the safe place you need right now. Take Gentle Care....
  4. Welcome Danni Please feel safe here. I had a bad experience on another online site, so I was really afraid to let my guard down again...but I took a chance and did it. There are very supportive women on here, and I even met one in particular who has given me hope and encouragement every single day. Feel free to "shout" here..I've "shouted"...I've cried, I've marveled at the courage and strength of these survivors. I even feel like I have a little more hope...
  5. Thank You ALL, I have been starting to do as you all suggested off and on today as things "popped" into my head. I haven't quite figured the site out, yet, or exactly how it works, but so far the people on here seem to genuinely care about one another's stories and are here to support each other. Thank You, again.
  6. I Am Scarred For Life Not All Wounds Are Visible
  7. NeedPeace


    Hi Lexi! I just joined yesterday, myself. So far I've found that people are welcoming and seem supportive. I'm nervous as well. So, welcome to both you and Daisy. It's good to know this a journey we don't have to take alone, not matter what our stories are.
  8. NeedPeace


    I already posted once, and was responded to kindly. I am hopeful about this site, as I had a bad experience with another site (I know nothing about online forums, I don't even know if it was a "legitimate" site set up to truly help, it didn't seem to have any "safeguards" or "moderators" in place to help much). I, obviously, won't name the site, but it triggered me in a very serious way. After many months, I thought I'd look again, and came across this site. It seems "gentler", I guess is the word. So, I thought I'd try one more time. I am trying very hard to work on a new relationship, and develop trust in a new T, in a new town... I'll try to tell my story(ies) in time. But for now, "Hello", I just turned 49 a couple of weeks ago...I am hoping that this forum will be the start of a combined therapeutic effort, one that will help me start beginning to open up to my new T. I miss my T/Pdoc of many years, but living situations change, even if "life" situations don't. I am hoping that this board is different, as I DO find it easier to "talk" in a setting of anonymity, and am hoping that might lead to the beginning of conversations in a therapeutic setting. Thank You For Listening...
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