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  1. Daisy64


    I'm new here as well. Maybe we can all help each other. Welcome to the site NeedPeace!
  2. Daisy64


    Hi Lexi! I'm new here myself but already feel like this is a safe and supportive place. Hope you get to feeling better by feeling the care and concern of the people here.
  3. Daisy64


    I appreciate all of you taking the time to welcome me. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this journey by supporting and caring for each other.
  4. Daisy64


    I just found this site, and I must say that my heart skipped a beat when I found it. I have been looking for a safe place to share my story and visit with others who unfortunately have experienced the same things. This looks like a very caring and supportive place. I am a 50 year old elementary teacher who has been haunted by her past for some time now. I am hoping that being a part of this site will help me to come to terms with some things as well as befriend others on their journey too. Thank you very much!
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