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  1. Welcome, you are not alone it is good to tell people your story, a lot of people can relate. A lot of us have been ashamed for a long time too.. Hoping you find resolution!!
  2. Hi Gabi! I love your name! :D I'm Callie, good to meet you and welcome
  3. I have dealt with substance abuse (extreme) eating disorders and low self esteem too!! (they were all pretty extreme lol) im 23 too and happily married its good to meet you, look forward to seeing you around, and feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to
  4. it is good to meet you, josecorazon! Thank you for adding me & im looking forward to hearing what you have to say
  5. I sent you a message crisxo I dont know if you got it!!
  6. hi I didn't feel like I belonged here for awhile either, but you will find others with similar stories to yours if you open up just a little here and there at your own pace there are so many people here from all around the world I wouldn't worry about anyone finding out your here unless they hack your computer or something lol, but I felt that way at first too. Well im relatively new too and I am 23, my abuse was 8yrs ago so I just wanted to say hi and welcome and you can pm me if you ever need to talk Nice to meet you poppies!
  7. welcome Megan! My name is Callie im jealous of you hedgehog too, I am new here also and just wanted to say hi
  8. I am very sorry for what you've gone through.. I am glad that writing helps you! It is so good to have an outlet like that and I hope you can feel sanctified in using it. Thank you for sharing, I just wanted to say welcome
  9. It is very nice to meet you Anya27! I think Risha is a star too.. In fact those exact words crossed my mind, I think about replying so much then I forget all my words, but there must be some reason we both thought of that! It is good to meet another new member, its difficult for me to meet people on here or talk to people, I'm sometimes hesitant so thank you for saying hi Anya! You are one of the first people i noticed on here in fact, because i like the name Anya and my favorite number is 27.. Looking forward to coming to know you both, and sharing this healing
  10. Hello Risha I read your post a couple of days ago and was inspired, just now getting the chance to reply. You sound like a very intelligent and strong woman, and I am glad you are here! I am also looking to help others but need to help self first, helping others is one of the best feelings in the world! And it helps you too. I am sorry to hear you have an ED, I had one too for six yrs and it started with abuse. I stopped when I was 21, im 23 now. I would binge, throw up, or just binge or just not eat, all of these for days. I'm sorry you are still struggling. I just wanted to welcome you, I a
  11. Congratulations! I feel the same way, just joined today. I hope you find your new life is so much more happy and rewarding than your old one. I am truly happy for you, I am so glad to hear from you, someone else who feels that way too. I am proud and happy for you because I am proud and happy for myself. I didn't know it would feel this way. It feels like I am healing from your healing too, I know that sounds strange. I am so glad for you! Congratulations again, and welcome to your new life. Sending you strength.
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