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  1. Today is 9/11. It is hard to believe 20 years have gone past since that day. I wanted to a pay a small tribute to all those lost and all those still effected by that tragic day. 

    I have two personal connections to people who had it effected them a great deal. One friend lost a friend at the twin towers. Another friend (and former member) was a first responder. 



    1. Capulet


      :candle: Thank you, Mary, this is a good idea. ❤️ 

      I remember seeing the smoke from my back yard, the feeling of pure terror as the gravity of the situation sank in.  I lost a classmate (a rookie firefighter who was just 22 years old when he lost his life) and a friend of mine lost her husband.  Another gal I went to High School with was a first responder and though she survived the initial event, she passed away a few years ago from cancer that was caused by 9/11.  

      We will never, NEVER forget.  

      RIP to MC, KK, and LR, as well as to all of the heroes who literally gave everything. 

    2. mini.finch


      Such a sad day. I was in middle school, in history class when it happened. Later, I had music class, and my teacher's husband was there in NYC when it happened. Luckily he was safe. but she was so scared the entire time.

      Rest in peace to all those who lost their lives on this day...:candle:

    3. Field8
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