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  1. This is for those who need it today. You are not alone.

    hugs besy.jpg

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    2. 8888


      Thank you, hugs back.

    3. Kashjack



    4. MeBeMary


      :bighug:   Group hug for all!   :throb:  

  2. Free hugs for my AS family. :hug:  


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    2. Poppy_


      Accepting hugs and sending some back your way! :hug:

    3. 8888
    4. MeBeMary
  3. Hi Everyone.



    Sitting with anyone who needs it with many safe hugs to spare. :throb: 


    I saw this and thought it would be good to share.   :loveas:


    My add-ons:

    6. Making mistakes and and learning from them

    7. To not be perfect and understand that nobody is

    8. Allowing myself to have feelings and thoughts perhaps others don't understand

    9. Allowing myself have feelings and thoughts that perhaps I might not understand

    10. Being worthy of support and healing


    1. tuliptorn


      Thank you for sharing this!

    2. MeBeMary
    3. Capulet



  5. Validation. We all need it and we all deserve it. Especially from ourselves. :throb: 

    Hugs to everyone. :bighug:



    1. BrightSide


      Thank you for posting this.


    2. waterlily13


      Thank you friend, I needed this❤️

    3. MeBeMary


      We all need a reminder once and awhile. :hug:  to both of you @BrightSide and @waterlily13.

  6. The holidays are upon us.

    For many, it is very stressful. It can be anything from being mildly blue to having extreme difficulty of getting thru these next few weeks. Sometimes we need a little extra understanding and support.  :hug: 

    This is our second year with our Holiday Buddies program. If you haven't read about it, please take a look at our post describing it below. It's main idea is that we can match two members together to help each other thru the stresses this holiday season brings. :unsure:

    The Holiday Buddies process will try to best match your needs with another member or even a staff member like me. :blink:  We will not turn anyone away, so if you would like a little extra support this holiday season, your Holiday Buddy is a few short screening questions away.

    Thank you for reading. :thanks:


    2019 Holiday Buddies Info--CLICK HERE


  7. I am pretty ugly.




    Did I catch your attention?

    I would like to challenge everyone to view themselves a different way today. 

    Please read:


    If you read thru and back... do know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Don't ever doubt it! :throb:


  8. In just a couple hours, it will be the U.S. holiday known as Veteran's Day. I am one to reflect and pay tribute to those who have volunteered to protect our country. My father, uncle, and grandfather served proudly, and I often think of them on such holidays.

    Speaking to a couple staff members earlier, I realize that we have community members and staff who are veterans! I want to take a moment to honor their service. If these veterans respond or not, I want them to know that I thank them for all the freedoms we know.

    Thank you. :throb: 



  9. Just a reminder for everyone today. Never underestimate yourself. This is who you are!  💖


  10. Wanting to share this with my AS Community this evening.  :throb: 


  11. Site has been down everyone, it's not your browser or pc. It is sporadic at the moment, as a few members have had access in the last few hours.

    Hopefully if you are reading this, everyone is able to access the site and has weathered the time away well.

    :hug: to you all.

  12. The holidays can be a difficult time for many of us. Struggles can amplify or be triggered so easily this time of year. :(

    That is why I'm grateful for @Capulet, as she had this great idea for us all to find a little extra support this year.  It's called "Buddies".  I've signed up and hope many of you will. Support and kindness for one another never grows old. I can't wait to meet my new buddy. :friends2:

    If you haven't seen the post, take a look here:



    Thank you, Cap, for coming up with this idea. :thanks:


    1. patriciag
    2. Capulet


      You're most welcome, Mary - thank YOU for helping me spread the word!  :throb:

  13. New feature of showing our member's artistic images on the sidebar? Nice! 

  14. Hugs to all those who need it today. :hug::throb::hug::throb::hug::throb::hug::throb::console::throb:  :console::throb::console:

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    2. missfrier


      Big hugs always the e 4 u xxx:hug:

    3. patriciag
    4. MeBeMary


      Thank you, @missfrier and @patriciag . I planned on giving them out, but so appreciate them in return. :throb:

  15. I remembered why I don't go out anywhere. It's because I don't fit in anywhere. Even with people I call family. It's hard to be home alone all the time, but it is much worse to be alone when you are actually with other people. Then you are trapped feeling like you are inconvenient and a nothing, which is how I feel tonight.  

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    2. patriciag


      You are someone to me, my friend. <3

    3. patriciag
    4. MeBeMary


      Thank you all. Wish that the outside world was as understanding as you all. I appreciate each and every one of you. :throb:

  • Happy Birthday, My Friend. :happybday2::happybday2::happybday2:


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  • fallenstar


    Happy birthday! Hope it is lovely :party2::birthday:

  • Bluesclues


    You're so welcome! I hope it's amazing! And filled with a lot of CHOCOLATEEEE 

  • patriciag
  • Hi Josie.

    I saw your post regarding the new format. I want to address the following aspect that you mentioned. Although, I don't have issues myself with the phrasing, I think that maybe I (and even the tech people who made the changes) should have been more aware that it could be a trigger, not just for you, as I am sure many other members are likely as uneasy with it as you are. 

    I'm glad that you said something, and I don't take it personally, but I do know that I probably should have asked you first. The few times I have done it before, when the format included friends, I did ask. I'm not sure why I didn't this time.

    It is probably to late for the techs to fix this, but you have noticed that you can turn off the following feature? I know that doesn't remove the word when you visit your profile, but maybe it would help?

    For now, I will remove the follow I had attached to your name. I can interact with you as I always have, mostly in games, but sometimes on posts or a response to one. You are always fun in games, and that interaction is probably why I felt comfortable to hit that button. I wish that I still had the time I once did spending it in that forum. But you will still see me once and a while.

    Other than this feature, I hope you are doing well.

    Mary   :flowers:

    1. josiel


      Awww...thanks for this note Mary! :throb:  Soooooooooo kind of you.  

      I should have made my post (re new format) more clear.  It's only seeing the word "followers" on my profile page that triggers me. It's too bad that no one thought that the word "followers" could be a trigger for some of us on AS while building this new format. 

      But otherwise, I am quite happy to have "followers"...it actually feels like such an honor!  Its really nice to know that you felt comfortable enough with me to hit that button.  Thank you! I would love to have you as a "follower" again if it's not too late. :)  May I follow you as well?  I think I will make a point to ask members permission to do this in the future.  I think that's a great idea!

      You are fun in games too! :)  I come and go on AS as time allows.

      Thanks again for writing!  Hope you're doing well too.

      Josie :flowers:

    2. MeBeMary


      Thanks, Josie. I was a little shocked when I realized this was your status bar. :duh:  It was meant as a PM and it was too late to correct. Glad I wasn't embarrassing, lol.

      I'm glad you clarified even a little more. I did think the biggest part was the word, as it can infer something else. I wish another word was chosen. If you think it to be an honor, I will hit the button again. You may certainly hit mine, as well.

      Yes, I do enjoy games. My post count proves it. I think that forum allows us to be a little more like our natural selves and that we learn more about each other or anyone else, just by playing them. There is no pressure there, and sometimes that is just what is needed.

      Ok. I am up way too late again. I'm gonna be super tired at work tomorrow. Thankfully, it is friday.

      I will see you in games sooner or later. :lol:


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