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    reading, music, art, writing, movies, the outdoors, close friends and family

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I am a christian, (however that doesn't mean I'm judgmental or homophobic. My beliefs are that everyone is entitled to live their own life and It's not my job to say who is right or wrong. I respect all lifestyle's as long as nobody is getting hurt.)

I'm partially disabled and am trying to take a college class or two at a time. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with everything in my past and still live life as a normal 21 year old girl. I have been in therapy for a while and it has helped a lot, but this is the first support group I have been a part of. I'm hoping to find inspiration and strength in other survivors stories. I hope to find people who know the struggles of everyday life and in moving forward after such traumatic experiences. Maybe, If I'm lucky, people can find some inspiration or strength in my story as well.

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