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  1. I was starting to believe maybe the abuse wasn't as bad as I thought, until I wrote some of it out for others to read. Now a lot of the pain and fear has come back. :cry:

  2. Jaybird13

    Christmas at Seven

    I'm sorry that happened. Safe (((hugs))) if ok.
  3. Welcome to AS! Everyone here is really helpful and very supportive.
  4. I haven't been around for a while. I'm pregnant again! (total accident and complete surprise) and have been struggling with emotions of not feeling ready for another while also being excited. :unsure:

  5. Welcome to AS! This is a wonderful safe place to find answers to questions and support.
  6. This year has been awful. I left this place as I had hoped life was getting better and now I fear it never will. :(

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    2. Jaybird13


      Thank you free2fly, sorry you are having a rough year too. :(

    3. MeBeMary


      Sorry the year has been awful. Sitting with you, if ok. :hug: to you, if ok.

    4. Free2Fly
  7. I feel like I'm standing in a crowded room screaming for help and no one hears me... That, or no one cares 😞

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    2. Whisper


      I know exactly how you feel. I hear you and I care. 

    3. Jaybird13


      Thank you everyone. I have wanted to lay in bed and cry all day but too many people depend on me and I never get a break... I could definitely use hugs and support right now. 

    4. Whisper


      :bighug: :bighug: :bighug: :bighug:  :supportu: :console: :console: :console:

  8. I can't believe my son is 5 months old already... I love him so much!

  9. I'm so confused. I don't even know what's going on in my own life anymore :unsure:

  10. Love the cold weather :P

    1. josiel
    2. Jaybird13


      I like sleeping with my window open under all my blankets... it feels amazing :throb:

  11. I feel like I'm being watched. I am so confused lately. My head is in so much pain. I just want everything to go away.

  12. I'm a horrible person :(:(:(

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    2. Iheartcupcakes


      I disagree, love. :throb:

    3. Jaybird13


      Thank you all for being so supportive.

    4. Iheartcupcakes


      Always. I know we all feel wretched from time to time but like my therapist says, feelings lie. Just because you feel like you're a horrible person doesn't mean you are :throb:

  13. My little man is two months old! Time seems to be flying by. 😊 So happy he's in my life.

  14. It's amazing what honesty can do... 

  15. Nightmares, and woke up in tears this morning. Another day of running on no sleep I guess. I stupidly looked him up on Facebook, and made things worse. What is wrong with me? When will I stop doing this to myself? 

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    2. Iheartcupcakes


      You're not stupid...or broken. I have been there, too. I look up my rapist's family to see if they are posting things relevant to the case or if they are talking about me. Everyone knows who I am :/ Thank you, big mouths and media coverage...

      I have also looked up my ex-husband and his now-wife that he cheated on me with a lot and I can totally relate to how are you feeling. I have to try really hard not to do that anymore. I am so sorry you are going through this. 

    3. Jaybird13


      Thank you all for the kind words and understanding. I spent the day dwelling for the most part but am currently doing better. I feel like I've been distant to those around me lately and I'm not sure what to do about it. I hope this feeling passes as time moves forward. I want to start feeling happy again. I hope I can feel happy again.

    4. Unsettled


      Jaybird, I think in time you will find that you develop a new and better respect for yourself.  I am finding that through this process I am a stronger and better person

  16. I had my beautiful baby boy May 27th and he is amazing and healthy! After a long stressful pregnancy I want to thank everyone here for the support offered and received!



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    2. Rikusgrl


      Congrats! He's perfect! Hope both of you are doing well. 

    3. loveable


      So precious! Sorry the pregnancy was long and stressful. Congrats on your little bundle of joy! :) 

    4. Jaybird13


      Thank you everyone 😊

  17. It's my birthday today, but I'm not really feeling it. If it is anything like the rest of my year it'll end with bad news and I'll feel like less of a person once again. I'm just hoping my day is happy instead of lonely sad and frustrating.

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    2. patriciag


      HI Jaybird and happy birthday !!!! :birthday:  :party2:    sorry you are not feeling it and your daughter is sick. I hope you have a better day. It is my husband birthday today to.

    3. Jaybird13


      Thank you for the birthday wishes. My day got better towards the end and I stuffed my pregnant self full of seafood before passing out early. I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday as well.

    4. patriciag


      thank you Jay glad it got better. His birthday was very quite, our girls didn't come in, they didn't want to get my flu bug. Our son forget I was sick so he came in, he got some ice cream cake. Now my birthday is in 2 weeks :lol:

  18. 32 weeks today, only 8 to go and not feeling prepared at all. Can't wait to hold my baby boy! :wub:

  19. I'm sorry for what happened. You were drunk and possibly passed out at the time this occurred so you could not give consent. No one had a right to touch you in that state. Many people seem to put the blame on the victim when they have been drinking and it isn't right. The blame falls on the person who took advantage of the situation and your vulnerability. I hope your boyfriend is just in shock and realizes you couldn't have consented and it wasn't your fault. If he cannot see that than I believe you are better off without him. Try to stay strong and know that we are here to support you. Welco
  20. Determined to have a good day! Happy Ishtar/Easter everyone!

    1. dumbNnumb26


      I am glad you're mature/healthy enough to be determined to have a good day :-) I am still angry from something that happened last night and is happening today to be that mature. But happy easter to you. Enjoy a chocolate bunny!!!! :-)

    2. Jaybird13


      I'm sorry numb, I hope you were able to have a good day. Ours actually turned out pretty good. Made breakfast, dyed eggs, we each got an easter basket, egg hunt, and then I made lasagna. We almost never do traditional meals for holidays except thanksgiving, because I love Turkey, and, not to brag, but I'm an awesome cook!

  21. Feeling a little better today, but overall I'm still down. I wish everything would just work out and I could enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Only 9 weeks to go before I'm holding my baby boy.

  22. Loving the nice weather. Hoping to get outside and be happy today.

    1. patriciag


      :) have a good day, glad you have nice weather

    2. Jaybird13


      Thank you, it was beautiful. Now we're supposed to get rained on for a few days. :rain:

  23. Keep thinking about depressing things and can't get myself into a good state of mind. So much to do but instead I'm just laying here crying. :unsure:

  24. Hello Mentaldragonflies, welcome to AS. You will find support here. I also tried dealing with what happened to me alone for years before realizing I need support. I wish you luck on your healing journey.
  25. It's such a beautiful day out and I want to work on the nursery today but not feeling motivated. I've been so depressed I haven't even started and I'm already 28 weeks. Any ideas for motivation?

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