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  1. It's my birthday today, but I'm not really feeling it. If it is anything like the rest of my year it'll end with bad news and I'll feel like less of a person once again. I'm just hoping my day is happy instead of lonely sad and frustrating.

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    2. patriciag


      HI Jaybird and happy birthday !!!! :birthday:  :party2:    sorry you are not feeling it and your daughter is sick. I hope you have a better day. It is my husband birthday today to.

    3. Jaybird13


      Thank you for the birthday wishes. My day got better towards the end and I stuffed my pregnant self full of seafood before passing out early. I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday as well.

    4. patriciag


      thank you Jay glad it got better. His birthday was very quite, our girls didn't come in, they didn't want to get my flu bug. Our son forget I was sick so he came in, he got some ice cream cake. Now my birthday is in 2 weeks :lol:

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