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  1. Welcome to After Silence, Beth. We have several members who are fifteen and sixteen years old. I don't konw if there are any younger than that, though. So, I think you've come to the right place. I'm fifty-two and probably one fo the oldest members here but I think there are a couple that might be older than me. (Actually I refer to my age as 18 with 34 years of experience.) It could be worse, I suppose. I could refer to my age in dog years, like a boss I had once did. ;) I'm certainly glad you found us, although I'm sorry you had a reason to do sol Ardatha
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    New Here

    You're entirely welcome and I'm glad to hear that. How about introducing yourself to us? Nothing heavy, just a little about who the person behind the name is. What part of the world do you live in? No specific locations, just general geography. Approximate age? Pets? Children? I'll even start off. I live in western New York and am 52 years old. I have one pet, a humongous cat named appropriately Clown. He's the driving force behind my household. I am married for the second time to the love of my life and am an artist. Again, welcome. Ardatha
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    New Here

    Welcome to AS, Starla. "Hi" is a perfect place to start. I'm sorry you have a need for a place like this forum but I'm glad you found us. I hope you find what you're looking for here. This is a very warm and friendly place where you are welcomed with open arms. Ardatha
  4. I hope you do. I think you'd make a good teacher... you're always so patient and willing to explain. Ardatha
  5. Welcome to After Silence. I know you'll find this to be a comforting and nurturing place to help you along your healing journey. As we are discovering here, abuse has no gender or age boundaries. This is an amazing group of survivors here and I'm sure you'll find them to be very supportive. Ardatha
  6. I'm an artist and a writer. Now learning to be a computer artist and it's a blast!
  7. (((LotusFlower))) Nervous and shy are totally understandable. Welcome to the forum. This is a very special place and you'll find all the members here are supportive, comforting, and friendly. Take your time, get to know us, and know that we will be here for you. All of us had to go through the 'first postings,' so we understand how you're feeling. Hello and we're happy to have you here, even though we're sorry you have a reason to be here. Ardatha
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    Hi Liz, Welcome to After Silence. I think you'll find that we have quite a few young people on the forums... way more than should be. It's a downright shame that so many children are being abused and molested. I would have hoped that the numbers would drop as we become more able and willing to talk about subjects that weren't acceptable 20-40 years ago. Instead the numbers seem to be rising. I hope you'll feel safe here. This is one of the best support forums I've seen on the web. Everyone here is caring and comforting. I'm sorry you have to be here, though. Bad things should not hap
  9. (((Ellenese))) Hon, would it help to realize that what you're feeling about his abuse are pretty much the same things as he's been feeling about yours? Just as you've grown stronger as a result of being a survivor, so has he. His strength is the same now as it was before you found out. You can still rely on it. And you can be his strength, too. You are in a unique position here. Having survived your own abusive situation you are more aware of what he needs as a survivor. I don't know if anything I've said here has helped but I heard what you were asking and tried to respond. Take care
  10. (((Sonic))) I am truly glad you found this place for it is indeed a wonderful forum for sharing and healing. The people here are very understanding, loving, and supportive. Although we don't know your story (and there is absolutely NO pressure here to tell it or discuss anything you aren't comfortable with) we have all shared similar experiences so we understand where you're coming from. This is a great support system and we are all here for each other. Welcome home, dear one. Sending you gentle, welcoming cyberhugs... Ardatha
  11. (((lilrascal))) Honey, the other ladies are right. You two children deserve to be treated better than that. I add my urging along with theirs for you to call RAINN ASAP, hon. Once again, that number is 1-800-656-4673. There are people there who can help you get out of the bad situation you're in. They're good people and they are used to dealing with situations like the one you are currently in. Please give them a call as soon as you can. Snuggley cyberhugs, Ardatha
  12. Welcome to the forum, Tuesday. This is indeed a wonderful place to be for those in need. The warmth and caring here is unbeatable. The people are so supportive and, since most of us come from a similar background, you will find them almost like family before very long. Ardatha
  13. Welcome to After Silence, Venia. I'm wishing you strength in healing and courage to continue.
  14. Welcome to After Silence, Lindsay! This is a very warm and caring place. With your desire to help, I am sure you'll fit right in. There are some pretty wonderful folks here who will do their utmost to try to help you along your healing journey. Travel safely and treat yourself kindly. Ardatha
  15. Ardatha


    You don't need to hide, hun. You did nothing wrong and are not to blame for what happened to you. Welcome to the forum. I hope you find help on your healing journey here. Ardatha
  16. Hi Aliste, Welcome to AS. I don't think this place is going away for a while, so hopefully you can begin your healing journey here, Ardatha
  17. No, hun, you're not alone. Welcome to the forum and I am sure you'll find lots of really nice and caring people here. I know how empowering it feels to realize finally that you are not alone. Ardatha
  18. Ardatha


    Hi Pippi, Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you have a need to be here but I'm very glad you found us. I know how much it meant to me to find the company of others who've been where I've been and experienced what I've experienced. I've always known I wasn't (couldn't be) the only person in the world to experience what I have but that was kind of like only intellectual knowledge. Finding others to talk with has helped me be a lot easier on myself. By the way, I'm now in NY (western, near Rochester) but I'm originally from northern California. As much as I like New York, I still miss my H
  19. Hiya Sheshy, I think you're going to like it here. I am sorry that you need to be here but am sure hoping you'll find the support you need to continue your healing journey here. These are a fine bunch of folks who are very supportive and caring. Sounds like your husband is a great person, too! Ardatha
  20. Actually, I'm 18 with 33 years experience!!! ;) I guess I should be pretty good at being 18 now, huh?
  21. Originally from California, now transplanted to western NY
  22. Gee, do you think our experiences keep us young at heart??? Okay, bad joke, I know, but I do truly think we do not mature like "normal" people because of what we have gone through. On the other hand, sometimes it makes me feel older than dirt. (And just about as worthless... ) Fortunately those days are less and less now.
  23. It's been 21 years since I saw 30 so... yeah ;)
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