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  1. Thank you for supporting me and I do offer my hopes that everyone who joins will find valid answers to their traumatic experiences. Gogh5729
  2. I am finally being heard after around 30 years and I want to cling on and follow around these staff because I am so scared that the paid sadists will come back. It has been 15 years and I am never going to move again!

    1. Gogh5729


      The staff is in my town and I am believed by them.

  3. If someone did something verbally or physically, even if it was minor, If you did not like it, you are a survivor of harrassment. And if that person touched you or hit you it is against the law. I have been kidnapped quite a few times. The last one was 15 years ago. My mother and step do not believe me but they are in on it. It is very hard to deal with. I finally have some friends who have made a supporting group for me.Plus other people. One thing to remember if you are looking for a therapist is be picky. There are therapists who pray on peoples vulnerabilities.I would hate for you to get into that situation! I have and it hurts.Good luck and I can empathize with the pain and confusion.
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