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  1. I'm so grateful for days like today. Nothing special has happened, but I am at peace. I have the day off, I played some video games, I read, I took a shower and I wasn't afraid. I don't feel like I have any expectations or obligations that are pressing and I feel like I can truly see how far I've come in my healing journey. I can relax a little, I can think a little, I can breathe. If you are just starting out, if you are scared, hurt, angry, and confused, know that if you do what you need to do, and work towards healing you too can overcome or thrive. I am 28 years old, and for the first time in my life my depression is manageable, my anger is manageable, my life is manageable... and it's BEAUTIFUL.  

    1. snmls


      wow.  congrats on your healing journey. Slowly starting to believe these beautiful days may be possible for me one day.   

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