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  1. I want to welcome you to AS....I have found support here.....and I know you will too... Dawn
  2. One of my Ex's said: Just think...how many ugly girls do you know...that gets raped... ( yeah cuz you know that really makes me feel pretty... ) My mom said: Are you sure you weren't dreaming?? You always did have crazy dreams.... ( yeah I really was dreaming that your husband beat me and molested me.... ) My cousin (one of my abusers) said: Oh you know you liked it...you kept coming back to see me..... ( oh yeah I liked it...that's why you had to gag me and beat me up to stop me from screaming and to punish me when I told...and I was coming back to see my grandmother...so
  3. I just really needed to know what to call it...I feel that if I don't have a name for what happened to me...then how can I heal from it... Stranger rape and acquaintance rape are both just labels so not every form of rape will fit into boxes like that. I understand that it can feel important to be able to label what happened, but I don't think a label is helpful in this case. Somebody who was raped by someone they'd known for a few hours would probably face similar issues to both stranger rape survivors and acquaintance rape survivors. Why is this distinction important to you? I haven't,
  4. I'm new to this...especially talking about it...and I have some questions that I would like answered...preferably before I tell my story so I don't put the wrong name on something... My questions are: 1. If you just met the person and spent only a few hours with them....is it stranger rape or acquaintance rape? 2. Has anyone ever been abused by someone younger than yourself? 3. My last question is one that has bothered me for a long time...What if you knew what was going to happen if you stopped when someone called out your name...but yet you still stopped?? Does that mean you have asked
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