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  1. Welcome and hope you find what you are deserving. Peace and wholeness to you
  2. Welcome and hope you find what you are deserving. Peace and wholeness to you
  3. I am not sure what healing is, but for a moment the hole in my gut was at ease after coming here. It seems there are not very many males here and I feel out of place reading some of the experiences from a gender perspective but the emotional upheaval and damage seems to be universal. can someone point me in the right direction to continue on here. I know that I would like to come to a point where "that" was an event in my life and not the underlying propulsion of my daily activities, either running from or returning to "it".
  4. Thank you all again for kind words and welcome. I have no idea of what to say but thanks.
  5. Thank you all....I feel frightened unlike anything I have ever known, feeling real seems to involve a lot of sobbing which is not very dignified for an old guy like me aint I supposed to be the adult here, .....I feel like a frightened child inside but I am so tired of sabotaging my life and I always come back to this albatross, thanks again for the kindness
  6. It is time to stop running can someone please help to catch me

  7. In a response to being new here. Sorry I am not very computer savvy and I am sorry anyone needs to be here but Hello as I collapse at my computer in anxiety and tears. I am a man 53 years old and my life was stolen from me from the time I was 8-9 until I was a young teenager. I have hid it and run from it for all of my life. Went to college got tossed out as an honor student, went in the Army and was fast tracked and earned a degree and commissioned in combat arms as the top rated officer in my unit until I crashed that down, married and raised two boys and now I have nothing to do and no
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