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  1. Thank you so much for your words Rain!!! It seems like it's been such a long road. In the past few weeks I have decided to try and move on with my life......I try so hard not to think of my mom and what she has chosen.....she still confuses me with her words....one minute she's crying and telling me she's so sorry and the next she's treating me like I'm crap and it's my fault?!?! I went back to work last week after being home with my own children for 10 years and for once things actually feel like they have fallen into place......I'm more focused on my children and work and haven't really put
  2. Hi Jewels I'm new here too!! Still navigating my way around here! Welcome!
  3. Thank you.....it's sad to see that so many people have gone through this type of trauma
  4. Hi kat34.......I'm new here too. I felt like I could handle everything on my own too....did it for 23 years and it's finally come to a boiling point in my life! It's an awful feeling and I hope you can get some comfort!
  5. Thank you!!! I've been going through counseling for about 6 months and it's helping somewhat but I was thinking maybe hearing from others who have been through what I have will help!
  6. Hi everyone....I'm new here, just came across this site lastnight. Needing a little support and input from others. I finally spoke up 1 year ago in October and my world has been upside down ever since. The one person in the world that I always thought would be there for me (my mother) has pretty much decided to side with and continue to love my abuser (my step father). Most of the time I feel like I'm in a tailspin of emotions and the only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that I have saved my own children from him ever getting to them in some way. I started being abused at the age of 9 a
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