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  1. what a variety of ages we have here! I think its wonderful. Im a youngin' only 17.
  2. -Get over it already.. it happened almost a year ago. This one from a friend of mine who's in a band. They asked me to be their photographer so Im at all of their shows (he knows about my r*pe) -Yea so we're gonna cover Nirvana's "Rape Me" I said "Ugg... I love Nirvana and everything but.. erm that song really upsets me. I know it bothers a lot of people... you know because of the subject matter. -He laughs and says -Eh well we're doing it anyway. -Youre over exaggerating -Its no big deal -Lets talk about something happier. AND THE WORSE... -YOU WERE ASKING FOR IT. ITS YOUR FAULT TOO.
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