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  1. Hi, Thankyou everyone for your advice. Counselling is out of the question because she rang a helpline years back and they said she was to blame as her body was responding. She will not go to anyone for help as she thinks they will blame her. I will however try and get her to atleast take a look at this site. Thankyou.
  2. Hello to you all, i'm new to this forum, I'm a asian male from the UK, a very close pakastani friend of mine told me how see was raped by her father when she was little. She has been self-harming, trying to commit suicide, scared of relationships and is finding it very hard to 'cope' with the physcolgical effect of the rape and abuse. I have been her friend from a young age, and its my fault that I did not detect that something was wrong. I've been reading alot about child abuse and was sickened to find how many victims their are. I'm trying my best to help and support her, can anyone give me advice please, being asian has made it harder for her as the asian community tries to brush it under the carpet and won't accept that rape and child abuse occurs in their community. Please can you give advice expecially if your a survivor of asian background. Thankyou for your time.
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