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    I love animals, I guess you kind of have to to work for a vet. I also am finding my new hobby photography very fun and interesting. I love spending days off with my husband and dogs walking on trails in the woods. I like Quiet time.

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  1. EEyore

    New Here

    your not kidding...I called an old friend last night. Someone I trust ... who I havn't spoken with in a while. He's my dads age ... when he called back I couldn't say a word ... he gave me his email and it was hard for me even to type anything. Turns out he's out of town besides ...
  2. EEyore

    New Here

    Hoping to find some peace here, and let go of some confusion. Although I'm not sure if that's even possible as I can't remember details or much of my childhood at all. I havn't seen my Father in 9 years, recently a friend of the family told my brother he was in town ... and asking about me. All kinds of things have been going through my head lately. I was living in a different state, I suppose I felt safe knowing he still thought I was so far away. Now I know he knows I'm back ... and he knows where I live. (you would think someone would understand that there may be a reason a father wouldn't know where his daughter was living ... I guess people don't stop to think before talking) Anyway ... I have a lot to figure out ... and I hope I can find some help here. Sorry if none of that made any sense.
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