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  1. Hi And Thanks For Being Here

    Welcome to After Silence, Ghost. I think I saw you at Pink Cross? I don't post there much but I think we have some things in common.
  2. I'm Finally "in"

    Welcome to after silence. It is hard to open up.
  3. Hello To All

    Hiez! Just so you know. Texas gots horses! Hugzez, Ed
  4. Hello Again

    Hey Sass!
  5. Away

    I hope you get back online again soon. I'll watch for you on MSN. Ed.
  6. Hello

    Hi fishy! gladz to see u here. Hugs and kittens, Ed
  7. Phogg

    Thank you all for the welcome. :xmas2: Sass, how do I get into chat? Ed
  8. Phogg

    Hello, I am Phogg. I am in 4th year of recovery from CSA. I am on some other boards and thought i would come here too because some of my friends are here more often.