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  1. Does anyone know how I can change my name on here? Someone, probably rightly so, recently told me I am nothing like a lilacfairy and as that of course, is not my real name, I would like to change it. I will of course still be the same me.....whoever that is!

    Thank you and may you all continue to heal and find peace and happiness

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    2. ActivistAlly


      You could also ask in the "Help Desk" area for  help with changing your name LilacFairy :)

    3. lilacfairy


      btw. My name is still lilac fairy. I have no clue how to follow the rules but I was told that I am not a fairy, I should just try and be me. You know all you people talk about putting someone in their pocket then please can I have someone in mine?


    4. MeBeMary


      I'll happy to be your pocketrider. Consider me there whenever needed. I support you and your decision not to change your name. :up:

  2. i know the feeling. I am here if you need to talk and can find me! I am very new too so know what you are feeling. I want to scream from the rooftops but it seems we are unable.So cargo 50 if you can find me, I am lilacfairy.
  3. Thank you everyone. I have needed to talk for such a long time and now I am here, it feels rather strange. I hope everyone has the best day they can
  4. I was NOT raped. This is my post childhood stuff but i am not sure of the definition
  5. I don;t actually want to remember! What is my mind playing at?? All I can do now is remember. so many details but yet I have just watched my 5 year old son's assembly and cried and clapped at the same time. I must be one of the most selfish women on earth.
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you all and I am truly sorry that any of us have to be here
  7. Thank you so much Astro29 and Reglois for replying to me! It means such a lot to know there is someone out there who understands. I went to counselling today only to find she wasn't there. I really psyched myself up to at least attempt to speak about some of the things that are SO impossible to speak about. I cried all the way home and now feel like things are conspiring to actually ensure I keep silent. My logic tells me one thing but sadly, my logic doesn't always win. I wish you healing, hope and happiness
  8. Just a note to say hello and check that I am not doing things wrong here! I am 50 years old and live in the UK and am just trying to make sense of many things that happened many years ago. Some of which I already knew and never really dealt with properly and others that I blanked out and my mind, for whatever reason, has decided I am now to remember. I hope everyone that has the unfortunate need to be here, finds their peace and healing
  9. Hi. I too am new here and would just like to say well done and I hope your journey to healing brings peace at last. I have just spoken about my ' stuff' after over 30 years and though it is tough, I am sure it is for the best as long as we find a safe and trusted place to beginning our healing. Sending peace and light
  10. Hi all. My name is lilacfairy and I have found it nigh on impossible to access this site so now I have, I wanted to introduce myself, I feel rather more like a victim than a survivor right now and went to counselling today for the first time. All the woman said was 'Hmmmm' all the way through and when I asked her to at least ask me questions, she said that everything was up to me to come up with my own answers! I know there is no direct answer but as someone who has had stuff gone on when I was younger, have kept it quiet for over 30 years, I at least wanted a bit of input. Anyway....sending p
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