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  1. hey everyone. thank you so much for all your support. i posted my story in "share you story". it is titled "my story, sry its so long". feel free to read. thanks and take care.
  2. you have a beautiful horse! i have 2 quarter horses and one appendix. i show at the quarter horse shows in western pleasure and hunter under saddle. its so nice to have things in common with some of the other girls here.
  3. i am only 15. and i just came here also. everyone is very sweet and understanding. im sure that you do have a right to be upset and your friend just does not understand.
  4. thanks so much to everyone for being so friendly. to you lina lu lu belle, my grandma has called me lulubelle ever since i was a baby.
  5. hi everyone. i am new to after silence. i am only 15 and my story begins at 11 and doesnt end until 15. i am having some trouble battling the emotions that came along with the rape, but i am hoping that surrounding myself with other women who have been through similar events and seeing how you have gotten through it will help. i hope to share my full story one day but i dont feel that i am ready right now.
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