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  1. Thank you all for your kind responses. I will be calling the State Barracks again today, wish me more luck than I had last week. I didn't sleep a wink last night. Been up working on my blog page. It has been a saving grace, to say the words I so need to say, to the world of internetting, and the words I want to keep to me, but still need to get out I can do here, as it's safe, like homebase in tag. my boyfriend is concerned i am sharing too much, i told him my blog is for me first, and for other people to no feel so damn alone in the face of injustice. i am going to call the police barracks now. *crosses fingers* love yas! m
  2. thank you courtney, i will check out the legality; the forums related to it. memories of this summer have me reeling, i just wish for Eternal Sunshine & a Spotless Mind. that film made it very evident that if we did not endure the pain we have been experiencing, in he recent past or just past in general, and the cliche stands we wouldn't be the people we are today, without those experiences but, how do we know we wouldn't have been better off never having been raped, or taken advantage of, or emotionally abused. i dont see much but my mental instability as my body&brain's response to said abuse. bipolar / borderline personality, or both? who gives a shlt? it's just another way to marginalize my pain, put me in a slot, where the EXCEPTIONS go. you know, ones that you refuse to listen to, then you refute their story's credibility, based upon your assumption that, this person MUST be an elaborate liar! i welcome them all to throw their stones, but do not forget, they are behind a castle of glass, they do sometimes wake in the morning, and have a delusion of freedom.
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