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  1. Hi there - it sounds to me like you're definitely in the right place here - there are many, many of us here who have suffered child abuse and who covered it up along with the emotional ramifications for many years. I hope you find the AS community as safe and supportive as I have... I have found that it really takes a while to navigate the site (I'm still doing so) - but the longer I've stayed with this community, the more comforting I have found it. Wishing you the very best - marz
  2. You did do your best MissUnderstood - I feel proud of you for standing up for the truth and am sorry you didn't get justice - but hold your head up high and do not let the inadequacies in the justice system affect you and your healing journey - all the very best to you, marz
  3. Hi conqueringhappiness - yes, what a great user name! Welcome to AS - hope you find it as welcoming, friendly and supportive as I have... it's so good to be around people who have similar experiences and you know really understand! All the best, marz
  4. marz

    1St Therapy

    Hi JJA - yes, these secrets I don't think are good to keep... they will get you in one way or another & I think best to share and deal with them in safe spaces... all the very best! - marz
  5. No regrets whatsoever... I didn't actually report the abuse, but the police came to me and I gave statements about my father's abuse against me - both 20 odd years ago, and last year too to support someone else's accusation against my father. If for no other reason (and I can think of a few), I am glad I made these statements as they probably helped save at least some other children from being abused by him!
  6. Hi there Brittasaurus and welcome to the AS community... although I don't know you, I feel somehow very proud of you for speaking out here! I'm surprised if you don't have a supervisor / counselor at school / work you could talk this through with - I can't imagine this type of situation hasn't happened enough times before? As you say, you can't hide behind the self-blame anymore and you can now start on your healing journey - all the very best to you - marz
  7. Hi lilacfairy - sorry your T was not there just when you psyched yourself up... I hope your T has a good excuse... otherwise I hope you find another good T - I can only advise stick with it - for me, therapy has only ever helped... marz
  8. Welcome back tuliptorn... I know how hurtful it is to feel you've lost friends... hope you find lots of friends & support here this time around - marz
  9. marz


    Thanks for your welcoming post Purplehaze... yes, it seems there is a glitch in the new membership system... but all's good now we're on here! Take care yourself too & hope you find the site helpful and supportive like I do
  10. marz

    Hi There

    Hi C80, Welcome to the site and sorry for the reasons that brought you here. Hope you find the forum as welcoming and supportive as I have so far. Take care, marz
  11. Hi meeegs666, Welcome to the site... and sorry for the reasons that brought you here. Certainly, the outcome of reporting rape and sexual abuse can be positive... it happened for me. I was lucky in that the police came to me both times leading up to my abuser (my father) being charged (he's a serial child molester) and I'm happy that he was convicted and ended up in prison both times (most recently for 14 years). But I totally respect whatever decision is made by someone else with regard to reporting their abuser... & it has definitely unhinged me both times the cases went to court. But I think it was worth it in terms of some sense of justice (however little) & more importantly to get this predator off the streets... As courtney says, there's a forum dedicated to all things legal where you'll find some stories of abusers being successfully convicted. All the best to you - hope you find what you need on this site & that you feel as supported as I have so far here marz
  12. marz


    Thanks for your welcoming message SNM - yes, I'm very happy to now be on the board. It really does seem a supportive and caring community here and already I've had much food for thought from others' posts as well as replies to my own posts. Thanks again - marz
  13. marz


    Thanks for your message Courtney. I guess I've been on the journey for quite a while too & was quite surprised when the recent case brought up so many new emotions... but I guess it's a good thing as it makes me that much more aware and able to move forward. And I'm in therapy which really helps with these feelings too. I've found this site very warm & welcoming & look forward to getting to know you & other people here more too marz
  14. marz


    Thanks Mandy, I understand that things can get backed up & sorry I wasn't patient enough. I thought at the time that maybe you guys didn't want me on this site for some unknown reason which of course was silly... I will certainly message you if I have questions. Thanks again, marz
  15. marz


    Many thanks lily23, reglois and fallenstar for your warm welcome & kind words... the court case brought up a lot of stuff for me, but I'm taking this as an opportunity to heal & develop more. Looking forward to exploring the site & communicating more with you all - thanks, marz
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