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    I love children so much I have worked on premier cruise line ( Big Red Boat) and Carnival for about two year with the children as youth staff it was really rewarding. It was the best and wrost time of my life but I love to travel so I will not say I regret it.<br /><br />I love to read and write but I am not the best at spelling as you all can tell but I would love to write a book someday I just need the confidence to do it.<br /><br />I love to Skate and bike.<br /><br />I love animals and wish I could have a farm one day. When I was little I would dream of having a place I could go and recuse all the animals from the shelters and keep them with me so they would not be put down. I take in any animal if I get the chance to and help it.<br /><br />That's just a bit about me:)

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  1. Thank you somethings have changed since I have been on, can some tell me how to go about getting into the female forms? Thank you.
  2. Well, I am back and I am not sure if anyone really remembers me I read a lot here which helped me. I did post some but not to much and left for awhile when things got a little crazy for me. I just wanted to say hi again I will be back drawing support from you all again I feel as if things are bottling up and I have really no one to talk to anymore. SO I guess I just wanted to say hi and reintroduce myself. On a side note, I am a really bad speller and at grammer to I guess that is why I don't post much but I am trying. Sorry in advance I know it can be a little annoying.
  3. Hey I am Tina I signed up nov 25 06 but been posting for five months I am a survivor of Boyfriend rape:( And welcome back
  4. First off I want to say welcome to AS. Wow that would have scared me to and I am glad you are safe now. I use to walk to work myself and got into a situation once and I started to carry a knife with me ( A medium size one.) so I felt safe knowing if something was to happen I would have it. And I know how triggering that is so please take care of yourself and know AS is a very supportive place and everyone here is nice. Welcome
  5. Welcome to As and I hope you find it as supportive as I have.
  6. Hello welcome to AS you will find lots of support in whatever you decide to do everyone here is wonderful please stay safe and I wish you a safe and happy delivery
  7. tia4181


    AS welcomes you this is a really good support group
  8. Welcome to AS As is a good place for support and friend so welcome
  9. I am looking forward to getting to know you. This is a very supportive group and everyone is here to help and lean on each other.
  10. I gave my boyfriend at the time my virginity but after I had sex with him a few time he sodomized me and one of my friends said well you are dating him and you were having sex so you should just deal. And a couple of my friends have said it's about time you move on trust isn't that hard. I have not been with anyone since it has been six years but to me trust is a big deal.
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