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    Childhood abuse in all variaties, Psychology, medicines, Human anatomy, Herbal healing, Cooking, Drawing, Painting, Writing, Foreign languages and Internet.

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  1. Hello everyone, Unfortunatly im not able to get online for a while, for my pc broke down. It has been crashed and need to be replaced. Im sorry, dont know when ill be online again. P.S. when this is not the right place for this topic, please transfer it to the place it should have been.
  2. Vevina Banba


    Welcome to you too Lyric, I hope life gets a bit easier on you in the next periode. Read and react for a while and you might find out how this forum is ran.
  3. Dear Kathy, First of all, i want to welcome you on this forum. Feel free to experience some of the conversations on this forum and i h9ope you find what you are looking for over the last periode. Blessed be,
  4. Welcome Gabriel's-wings, What a beautifull name you have.
  5. Vevina Banba


    Hi welcome to AS. Dont feel rushed because someone asks you something.
  6. Hello Kuecker, Welcome to AS, i hope you will find the support you need and are able to see that eventhough you are thinking nothing can change anymore you can change at some point. Take your time to feel comfortable and remind there is nothing you are suppost to tell, but you can tell very much if you feel like it.
  7. Welcome kerry, I hope you can find the things i find at this site. Lets say i hope to get to meet you too.
  8. Vevina Banba


    Welcome there Jolei, Sorry for the reason you are here in first place. Maybe you can find some support and healing and get grip on your life back again. How great your mom and sis are supporting you.
  9. Welcome Autumn, The why is not ever goint to be satisfying, for there is always SOME irregularity that makes it hard to deal with. But.... sometimes the why can be anwsered a little and gives you some space to deal with it.
  10. Welcome back dopey. Hope you find the place you need. Why did you left, if i may ask?
  11. Welcome back Fisher. Sorry to hear the pc had a big problem.
  12. WElcome MissP on this forum. i hope you will have a place of your own.
  13. Hello Caramel, Welcome here on AS. I am sorry to hear what you've been through before it all came out. Find a place where you can feel safe. Does your husband suppport you in your troubles with the past?
  14. Welcome to this site. Please take your time to feel safe and remember you dont HAVE to tell anything. It's your choice. Give yourself some time to heal dear.
  15. Welcome cloudskyz. Hope you will find a safe place on AS.
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