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  1. I have talked to one of the chat mods, that is now a regular mod. They are working on things and we are still supposed to be section mods, as soon as Vera feels the other mods, are where you needs them to be. Please keep being patient, and soon we will have everyone in place! ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Astro))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ~SNM~
  2. You are welcome. If you need any help, let me know! (((((((((((((Marz))))))))))))))))) ~SNM~
  3. Rode 13 miles on my bike! Feels good to be able to exercise again!
  4. Welcome to AS Marz!! Like everyone else said, things have been backed up. But I am glad you finally were able to get on the board. I hope that you find it as supportive and caring, as I have. There are some very wonderful and supportive people here. Feel free to post whenever and there is also a chat room (you have to have ten posts to access), that many like to use. The recent case, makes sense why you would be so triggered. This stuff likes to rear its ugly head, when we least need it to. Please take gentle care of you! Again Welcome to AS!! ~SNM~
  5. I agree with Reglois. Have a look around. I think you will find that more people understand, that with which you deal. AS is a very supportive and caring group of people. I am sorry for the reason that brings you here, but know you are not alone!! Welcome to AS!!(((((((((HUGS))))))))))) ~SNM~
  6. Here is a link to the moderators: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?s=e2cde011bcf82e85956eac48a5e9fa38&app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders I hope this helps! Welcome to After Silence!! ~SNM~
  8. Stayed inside, after picking up my bf's cremains, because I knew I could not handle being out in public. I could not control my emotions, so I just came home and let them be, whatever they wanted to be!
  9. Are there even any moderators coming to AS anymore? It seems to be like they have just disappeared. I totally understand everyone having their own lives and having their own issues. But are ALL of them having issues, at the same time? Just don't seem to EVER see ANY moderators (or administrators) anymore. Just curious, are we on our own? Have they washed their hands, of the board? Do they need others, to take over? Sorry for all the questions, just really curious. ~SNM~
  10. Went and signed one of the beams they are going to use, in the new domestic violence shelter. Just so happened, that two of my previous group members (from a group we all went to for five years and was disbanded a couple years ago), pulled up for the same reason, at the same time. So we went to a local food establishment, and caught up with each other.
  11. :aswelcomesu: :aswelcomesu: :aswelcomesu: ~SNM~
  12. Welcome to AS!! I am so proud of you for leaving your abuser and recognizing the cycle of abuse in your life! You have definitely found a place that is very supportive and caring! And many people who understand all the things you went through, being in abusive relationships. Take your time to look around and I hope you find the support you seek and deserve!! ~SNM~
  13. Hello striped!! Welcome to After Silence!! I am sorry for what brings you here. Know that you have found a wonderful group of loving and supportive people. You are not alone!! ~SNM~
  14. I am sure you will find After Silence, a very compassionate and healing place to be. It is easier to talk to others, about the horrors of abuse, when we are behind a keyboard. I know that AS and the people who make up a tight knit little family, have really helped me, along my healing journey. I really would encourage you to find a group, in your physical world. I know it is not easy, as I have done it myself. But it is so helpful. And it makes things just a little easier, knowing that the issues you deal with, are not yours alone. You don't have to look at their faces, although I feel you wou
  15. Ten years of Childhood sexual abuse, does a TON of wounding, And those wounds do not heal over night! You are definitely not dragging things out! I am so sorry to hear that your father or his wife, support your healing. You definitely have found a group of people who understand!! ~SNM~
  16. I am proud of you for reaching out and trying to find a place, that can help and support you!! After silence is a great place to get support and caring! I totally understand being manipulated, into being the one, who would initiate the acts. I too was young (12-15), when that part of my abuse. happened. It was not my father (someone I considered a close friend), but I do understand the feelings. Pedophiles have a sneaky way, about doing the things they do, to get what they want. And they also have a way, to make us believe it was our fault. Know that none of the blame or shame you are feeling,
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