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  1. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    Vera, great topic! While I've had my share of idiots in my life since the assualt, I do thank God for the few who get it right, or atleast come close! Since there was no penetration I was told, "well, obviously he had self-control b/c he didn't rape you" and, "since it wasn't rape I didn't think I needed to call you right away, I just had to much I was dealing with" - this was from a good friend of mine who was the roommate to the 1st person I told the night it happened I also had a counselor tell me, "wow it sounds like he got a lot of mixed messages" - this was after my 1st counseling session in which I was telling her that I was really confused about what was happening while it was happening, since it was a guy I had been interested in I couldn't sort out that it was assault during it, I thought it was, but I didn't believe myself - ya, know?
  2. Hi, New Here

    I know that his words don't make him a Christian, but do his actions say that he isn't? I've always been taught that our relationship with God is between our heart and his. Sometimes being a Chrstian gives me an entire sent of difficulties that I don't know I would otherwise have. I'm supposed to forgive him, I'm supposed to be ok with God forgiving him. I'm supposed to be ok knowing that he may one day be in heaven with me - and I know if he is that when I get there it won't be like it is now when I see him around town, I want God to care more about me than he does "him", but that isn't how God's love works.
  3. Hi, New Here

    Tonight is my first night posting. Sometime I'd like to hear from others who were brought up in the church and assualted by another christian. We were talking about what we learned at church on Sunday and looking stuff up in the Bible 4 hours before everything changed - it's left me really confused. I've dealt with a lot through counseling, but still questions lingure in my mind.