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  1. Welcome mtjj! You'll find a lot of support and understanding on these boards at AS.

    What was done to you was in no way your fault. And underneath it all, you are okay. Good luck on your healing journey.

  2. I've never posted in a support group before, and I'm a bit anxious. I'm here because I've been feeling so alone. Not just recently, but my whole life. Whilst everything might look all rosey to the outside observer, it really isn't, and I haven't ever been able to let anyone in to know any different. Despite the loneliness, I also never really had the desire to let anyone in - because that's frightening stuff... But about a year ago that changed, and I now feel the need and desire to connect with others and life in general. To move from surviving mode, to actually living and enjoying life. That's the goal. And at times it does really feel like a possiblity, which is definately progress. I've talked to a counsellor, and been part of a short term therapy group, which was wonderful. And I'm hoping to be a part of this community also, and connect here. Being understood and understanding others is a magical thing.

    So, hello everyone, I'm looking forward to meeting you all on the forum :)

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