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  1. Paralyzed.... want to fight and not give up, but im not in control

  2. You have inspired me to possibly start my own blog.... I can relate with your day to day so well... thts exactly how it feels.... over and over and over...... strugglin to survive
  3. Happy to be off work... still so very tired from the sleepless and terrifying nights

  4. I am soooooo very tired-exhausted-really no word describes it right now-plus emotional...I hope I survive

  5. Minerba- Thank you so very much for what you said in your reply.... It's truly exactly what I needed to read this morning while I was at work sitting at my desk with my head in my hands feeling so...... Overwhelmed and flooded with intense emotions but yet so numb at the same time. I'm in a state of misery lately... Thankyou for your kind words and advice and encouragement. Also, no I have not read that book but I will definitely look it up! My support system is hardly existent... None of my family know at all. I've told 4 ppl and they only know the basic general statement that I was R. So...
  6. WOW... apparently this life just keeps on getting worse-WTF!?!?!?!?! Speechless with all the new drama/conflict/struggles-I was already overwhelmed

  7. Victory: I actually got to work on time! Still exhausted, but still surviving and pressin on!

  8. Hi and welcome!!!!! I can definitely relate Parapluie! Recently joined AS and I'm so very happy that I did! I have struggled a lot with intimacy/ relationship issues as well. And ur right- time makes no difference when dealing with the trauma we've all been thru. Just want u to know I'm here supporting u and listening.... Hope u will find peace and relief! Take care! ~Sarah
  9. So..today did not start off well-was late to work-by about 2.5 hrs. Sleep deprivation has turned into "my body/brain are bout to shut down" can't take any of this shit anymore

  10. So.... today did not start off well--was late to work...Sleep deprivation has turned into "My body and brain feel like about to shut down"-i can't take any of this shit anymore

  11. So pissed off and tired so tired of it all

  12. MONDAY!!!! AGAIN?!?!?! came up on me too fast as usual-back to the work mode

  13. Nervous about T today ...@2:00!...y'all wish me luck

    1. Ember


      Sitting with and supporting you. You've got this.

  14. So sad, so traumatized, so numb, so angry, so lonely, so much in pain ....such a mess

    1. Seekingfaith


      Find you voice take back you thunder always remain beautiful seek answers seek power seek faith

    2. StruggliNSilence14


      Thank you Faith..u truly are amazing and so inspirational..thanyou for your support

  15. yay! It's my "Friday" at work and looking forward to the weekend! Almost survived another week!

  16. So..... I am now trying to function on 3 nights of not sleeping...literally...I hope I can have the strength to endure this long day at work...still feel like I just may completely lose it

  17. Omg i really believe im bout to have a serious melt down

  18. YAY! I survived Monday at my crazy job! Time to go home and try to rest-haven't slept in 3 days, so i hope i can tonight : (

  19. at work right now and it's the longest day ever!!of course-it's Monday!...also feeling really anxious and have severe lack of sleep : (

  20. Thank y'all very much ... feeling really down right now... I'm strugglin with anxiety issues...I feel paralyzed but have so much emotion....went to my T today ( 4th session)... and I'm goin thru lots of emotions like everything is emerging again... I feel very stuck alone and sad. Thank y'all for ur support...I've been reading this site all day...can't seem to find enough courage/ strength to really post...but will do my best...I feel like I'm about to fall apart and everything is gonna explode if I don't figure out some kind of outlet or something.I feel so out of body and like everything is
  21. I'm very sad and dealing with a lot of anxiety issues

  22. Hi... So I started researching online about various issues and help for sexual assault victims. And found this awesome website so I finally have gotten the courage and strength to post something...never really became involved with any kind of blog or forum.... So I'm not too sure how to start... I recently started going to a therapist -only been to 3 sessions and have missed about a month... I'm going to see her tomorrow so I'm super nervous and excited- a lot has gone on in just a month! Sooo I'm 26 yrs old and Graduated with criminal justice degree in 2012, in process of getting psychology d
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