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  1. ~*~In A sTaTe Of pAnIC...TrYiNg 2 KeEp It ToGeThEr~*~

  2. ~*~ExHaUsTeD~*~ from it all

    1. mariella47



  3. ~*~ExHaUsTeD, HuRt, CoNfUsEd, StReSsEd~*~

  4. **SeRiOuSlY FaLLiNg ApArT~struggling so much now**

    1. mariella47



      you are a fighter strugglin, always remember that. Be good to you, thats all that matters at the moment.

  5. ((((((mariella))))))))

  6. ~*~She's So Lost, Hurt, Broken Down, Confused, & Tired...Sad as hell

    1. mariella47



  7. ~*~CoMpLeTeLy&DiSaStRoUsLy-a ChAoTiC mEsS~*~

  8. **Strugglin but Survivin!!**

  9. **really struggling and in alot of pain and hurt-it's so exhausting and overwhelming**

  10. *Time to start another day-already struggling*


    1. mariella47



  12. **2nd Sunday in a row to go to the office and do work for free-Life is crazy but I am Surviving!**

  13. *sigh* life is insanely crazy, but i will survive!

  14. ******really really really Fu***** Confused and Sad*****

    1. mariella47


      Here for you strugglin, holding your hand through this very ugly and difficult time.

  15. **Trying to Survive-Struggling, Broken, Shattered-but still Surviving!**

  16. COFFEE!!-the only thing that helps me function in the mornings! *sigh* looks like it will be a busy/crazy day as usual at my work.

  17. How in the hell could I?????when its out of my control....always been outta my control. I have flashbacks and triggers during the day, only to be haunted at night with the nightmares..... for sooooooo long. So long tht i feel like giving up ....theres no hope for me, but i hope for all of you...*supporting and listening always* ~Sarah
  18. F*** YOU, GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Home finally from a full day of "training from hell"

  20. *Shattered* Where to begin? I don't know how or where to begin. I am so tired of having the strength, day in and day out, that it takes to uphold my facade of happiness and peace and well-being. I am so tired of people asking me.... "What's wrong?" I look at the person asking me that, and I pause for a moment..... I look into their eyes for a moment, only a moment, because I don't want them to see the dark horror, sadness, and never-ending pain that has become a permanent struggle for my life. So...I quickly look away and focus on doing everything I can to redirect my answer back to my facade.
  21. Broken but not dead yet...how the hell can things get worse??

  22. Anxious...not so happy

  23. Where am I? I'm at work!-yes I must truly be insane!*sigh* Oh how the wonderful world of probation is!

  24. Not hopeless..but still feel like a failure

  25. How hopeless I am....feel like a complete failure

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