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  1. JAC

    Hello Again

    Wow!!! Thanks for all of the wonderful welcomes. You've definitely made me feel good, thanks.
  2. JAC

    Hello Again

    Hi I joined here a while ago, but with the way things were, never really felt up to getting involved/posting. But a lots changed between then and now, and hopefully I can now get to know some of you and get involved. So, hello, again. JAC
  3. JAC

    New & Nervous

    Thanks for the welcomes Joyfulheart & Sonnet. This place just seems so big, but good advice about taking my time, thanks again. jac
  4. Hi Roxxi I'm new here today to. I understand the nervous thing, my hands were shaking just typing an intro Well done for posting.
  5. Hi Simplicity I'm new to. I hope being here helps you feel less alone. jac
  6. JAC

    New & Nervous

    Thanks for the welcomes, much appreciated. I'm sure this place is great, it's just a step into the unknown for me.
  7. Hi, I'm jac and pretty nervous about being here and posting. I'm a survivor of csa and I was raped last year. I'm not to sure what else to say except that I'm finding things really hard at the moment. jac
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