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    Hello! I am just a girl trying to find my way in this world, after a series of unfortunate events, my world was changed forever. I come to A.S. trying to meet people I can connect with and possibly help, we could help each other!

    Whaddya say?!

    Interests: Art, Stephen King Novels, Video-games, South Park, American Dad, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, Sleepy Hollow, Manga, Anime, and all things good because the list is so long...... c( ^_^ )ö

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  1. Wow, it's been two years since I've joined this site. I was hurt, I was broken, I was lost. I never thought I would find myself but I have. And I am still finding more pieces to this mysterious puzzle. If you think things look dark and bleak try to keep going. I promise you it's worth it. But it takes time to see results.

  2. Things are starting to look a bit better! ^_^

  3. I wonder why people at school try to make me feel inferior..... Like I'm below them, Like scum

  4. "If you're going through hell I suggest you keep going." - Winston Churchill

  5. Hi! Welcome to AS and I really hope you find the comfort that you seek here!
  6. LOL the 1st too are meee omg I alwayd have midnight snacks and regret it! And I just had a chocolate extreme birthday cake! Oh and yeah I think it is a good way to introduce ourselves especially if you are stressed and want a good laugh! -I'm not the only one who puts off working out until the next day.... and when the next day I put it off again. -I'm not the only one who draws to express emotion or just for fun. -I'm not the only one who smiles during the day even though I was crying all night -I'm not the only one who wants to just escape to a little patch of heaven every now and again.
  7. Doe


    Thanks everyone for the welcome!! You all are very friendly and I love that!
  8. Doe


    Thanks everyone for the welcome!! You all are very friendly and I love that!
  9. In this forum let's talk about things we don't feel like we're alone in doing 2 serious and 2 funny that way we release some repressed emotions as well as laugh! I'll start: -I'm not the only one who feels alone although surrounded by tons of people. -I'm not the only one who's afraid to talk about my past because of the emotions associated with it. -Maybe I'm the only one who rubs my feet together before I fall asleep lol -Maybe I'm the only who farts and tells. Lol! I can't wait to see your replies this will be fun so have at it if you want ^_^
  10. Doe


    Thank you! I hope I will too!
  11. Doe


    Hello everyone! I'm excited I finally have gotten a chance to post on the message board! My real name is Essence and I just turned 19yrs old July 1st and am a survivor of sexual assault. I'm happy to join this community because I feel as though we can help one another here. I also hope that I can come into terms with the things that has happened to me.
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