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  1. Actually - I just went to a completely new forum where I haven't been yet and found that though the first 20 or so threads had dots, threads (or topics?) older then3 June didn't have dots. Do the dots only relate to the last month? Is there aomewhere in the instructions where this is explained? Might be handy to have.
  2. Some of the topic headings in the forum lists have black dots on a grey background. Could someone tell me what they signify? Thank you
  3. hello. I was so happy to find this site as i left my job a year ago to tidy up a whole lot of unfinished business including finally cutting off my father for his abuse of me. I wrote him a letter in 2002 and then descended back into workaholism. But now I'm ready and I'm not scared anymore. Looking forward to learning from you and sharing our journeys of recovery.
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