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  1. Welcome Demi. I am very glad that you have decided to check us out here. Everyone here is really supportive and going through many of the same things and feelings as you are, you would be shocked! I know I was. Thanks to after the silence I realized that I am not crazy like I thought I was, I was /am just having a normal reaction to what has happened to me and now I finally have gotten up the courage to go to therapy. I hope that this website helps you just as much as it has helped me. Everyone here is very supportive and understanding. It is unfortunite that you have a reason to be here but
  2. <<<<<<Leah>>>>>>>> Wow i was shocked at what someone said to you. How can people be so utterly disgusting and cruel? I'm sorry to hear that was said to you. My mother's response to when i told her what my father did to me was: While screaming, she shouted over and over again, " Why does this have to happen to ME? I wish i was dead. Why me? I wanna die!" I wanted to say, hello, right here, this didn't happen to you, it happened to ME.
  3. Welcome! This a great place, we are all going through similar problems so you know that you are never alone here!
  4. Welcome to AS. It is a very brave thing to talk about what happened to you and here you will find that everyone is supportive and going through a lot of the same things. I am so sorry to hear about the fear that you have to live with, but in healing, I hope that you can find peace and are able to do the things you once enjoyed.
  5. I am so glad that you are doing so great! God works miracles, huh? I am very glad that you are standing up, hopefully someone will hear your story and it will prevent them from abusing someone. Welcome to AS and I think that you will find this to be a comforting place. Everyone here is really supportive.
  6. mandeee


    Welcome! I'm glad you joined us here!
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