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  1. Welcome Jewels! If you need anything just send me a message
  2. Hey guys, a weeks ago I logged on for the first time in a couple months and posted two topics. These were relatively long in detail and I got a couple responses to them so I know that they were viewable for a certain amount of time. Whenever I look in the group or at my latest posts they're gone. Is there a reason why this happened? Or is it some weird glitch?
  3. Welcome to AS I'm always here if you need to talk I too am dealing with stuff that happened a long time ago, but you're on the right track to healing
  4. I feel welcomed already thanks guys!
  5. Hi guys, my name is Janie. I'm 18 and I found this site hoping it'll help me along the way of my healing process. I use writing as a form of expression when it comes to what happened to me. If anyone what to know more, let me know
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