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  1. Hi @Maksim Welcome to AS!

    This forum is full of people who have experienced a variety of things, so I think you will fit in more than you realise. I think you are lucky to have experienced something you feel hasn't given you trauma, but I'm sorry you had to experience something at all that has made you look back on it with suspicion. Hopefully you'll be able to find what you need here that will help you better define those experiences.

  2. sleep! and sadly not much else!

    Sleep is always good though! Ilove to burrow under the covers.

    I splurged on a really nice dress just for a social meet up this weekend. My bank decided to not work today so a really good friend of mine who still has about half of my money paid for it for me. And the nice assistant gave me a discount even though I didn't have a magazine. Plus, I didn't spend the whole day struggling to choose an outfit!

  3. Hi all,

    I've been lurking around the boards to make myself comfortable before diving in here. You all seem so lovely and supportive, but I thought I'd introduce myself first before replying to people's posts.

    Hi, I'm Sweetfeather5. (^-^)/

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