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    A wide variety of things, except country music. I can't stand it 😁

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  1. Hey all. It's been a while. I'm sure there are some people who remember me and some who don't. Maybe some will remember I was investigating health problems. I wanted to give a small update concerning that. I likely have cancer, will be going to hospital for some investigative procedures in a couple of days. It was rushed because it's "urgent" apparently. I'm terrified, but also pissed off as my doc's concern about the assault seems to mean it likely is the cause of these health problems. It's not fair that something that happened a decade ago is now causing my health problems today. If there was some way I could bill them, I would. 

    Hope you are all doing well. Sorry I haven't been on much, been a little distracted.

    1. 8888


      Good to see you.  I'm so sorry to hear that!  Don't worry about not being on, you are welcome to come and go as you please.  That's one of the nice things about internet forums.  

    2. Iheartcupcakes


      I am so sorry you’re going through this. I hope and pray it’s not cancer. We are with you ❤️

    3. Finchy


      Sending you healing vibes and all the best wishes in the world. I truly hope things improve and your health will be alright. *safe hugs if ok* ❤️ 

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