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    A wide variety of things, except country music. I can't stand it 😁

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  1. My dad just informed me that he might be hospitalised over christmas because of pain. Plus his cancer has shot up from a 4 to a 12. I'm still very dependent on him so this is very stress inducing to me. As much as he and I don't get along, I hope he can stay alive until I can get back on my feet

    1. Finchy


      Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I hope he will be ok, especially since you depend on him. Sending him healing vibes. Sitting with you. ❤️ 

    2. sweetfeather5


      @mini.finch Thanks mini. You've been so great at replying to people on here recently, I've noticed. I hope everything is going well for you? Thanks for being so thoughtful.

    3. Finchy


      Aww you're sweet for saying so. :) Thanks. I've been up and down, I guess you could say. But I'm looking forward to Christmas. I enjoy the gift giving. 🎁  

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