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  1. It's so hard to move upwards when the world seems designed to keep people down

    1. snmls


      Sitting with you. I get the feeling.

  2. No progress is demoralising

    1. MeBeMary



      Sometimes it feels that way, but when you keep fighting, it is progress.

      Sitting with you.

    2. sweetfeather5
  3. It's raining. I like rainy nights because the staccato helps to bring the world back in and suppress the dark thoughts, unlike a silent night. 

  4. Feeling scared about a bleak future and longing for human connection. 

    1. MeBeMary


      You deserve a brighter future, try not to give up on the possibility. Keep fighting for it.

      Sitting with you. :hug: if ok. 

    2. Capulet


      We are here for you, @sweetfeather5.  Please know that you are not alone.  Mary is right - you deserve wonderful things and genuine connections...do not give up on your search.  These are things more easily found than a lot of the other things we may be looking for.  You need only ask. :)

      Sitting with you, as well.

    3. sweetfeather5


      Thank you. I appreciate the hugs and hopeful words 😊

  5. Sleep is always good though! Ilove to burrow under the covers.I splurged on a really nice dress just for a social meet up this weekend. My bank decided to not work today so a really good friend of mine who still has about half of my money paid for it for me. And the nice assistant gave me a discount even though I didn't have a magazine. Plus, I didn't spend the whole day struggling to choose an outfit!
  6. It may make him crazy, but I know it will make him suffer too: You can never have me Though I wonder if I can say it with the confidence it needs. Otherwise: Listen again arsehole: Go away!
  7. Everyone, thank you for the warm welcome! Mandy, if I have any questions I'll be sure to ask you!
  8. Hi all, I've been lurking around the boards to make myself comfortable before diving in here. You all seem so lovely and supportive, but I thought I'd introduce myself first before replying to people's posts. Hi, I'm Sweetfeather5. (^-^)/
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