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  1. Hi, so you're like this but we're all like this and this and even this even though we're only doing this but hopefully, after reading this, you'll feel like this or even a bit like this because we'll stick by you, even when you think you don't need us (like this ) but we'll show you that you're more this way than this so until then welcome
  2. welcome DF! He's right, you're not alone. please comment on other people's forums so that we can get to know you, and if you want to share your story/ies with us, we'll aptly read and offer sincere support.
  3. Trust me, you're not rambling. Read a few of my posts, and see how you feel about the length and breadth of yours. Mine read like essays or speeches, that themselves would take 15-20 minutes to deliver sometimes.
  4. took a long hot bath from 10pm-past 12am and shaved myself smooth.. in more places than one. I sincerely sympathize with girls on the shaving thing now.
  5. drank some juice (cranberry lime, then some concord grape) , watching babylon 5, and some delicious rotisserie chicken for supper. Coming up next, a long hot soak in the tub!
  6. you think you guys hear that you must have wanted it, try being a guy. Any time I have told someone, especially a girl, the first thing I hear about is my *ahem* and how I must have wanted it a little. One guy said to me that she was just ugly and I regretted it. I've never gone to someone from church or anything because I expect roughly the same thing that you guys got, either an 'IDK what to tell you' or some half-a$$ed prayer by some j*ckoff who thinks that it's their job to pray about any and every problem someone has, like it makes them feel better to pray for the person, but it really is
  7. keihl


    Absolutely, welcome! feel free to talk about whatever, god knows I do!
  8. keihl


    welcome, If anybody were to believe you and offer you an ear and some understanding, tis us!
  9. OK, so I think I get it now, you were attacked and your fella feels helpless and doesn't know what to do to help. Well, you could tell him what you feel like you need, like needing to know he still sees you as his beautiful lady and still loves you, and is even proud of you. I know we're proud of you. I hope he can see his own way to help and maybe he can start to feel alright with himself. It's never easy admitting that you let someone you love get hurt, I know; but he doesn't have to worry because the biggest way we can help the ones we love when they've been hurt is to help them heal and be
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