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  1. I am so tired of secrets, I can't even express how much

  2. I can only feel empowered for moments at a time

    Back to feeling like shiiiizzzzzz

    1. Nathalie


      I'm so sorry you're feeling bad again :/ Just try to remember that, just as quick as the good mood goes, the bad one can go too. :) 

    2. Jilted Yellow

      Jilted Yellow

      Thank you so much <3 I needed to read this right now.

  3. I was raped.

    This is just practice in saying it.


    And, standing on this subway platform right now on a Monday at 11:30am, I believe myself.

    1. MeBeMary


      Those are difficult words to say. I'm glad you believe yourself. I believe you, as well. :hug: if ok.


    2. Jilted Yellow

      Jilted Yellow

      Thank you so much, MeBeMary :hug:Hugs are definitely ok, and appreciated

  4. My heart and my throat hurt. I can't express how much I don't want this to be so. I'm a smart woman; surely I can think my way out of this, right? Logic this straight out of existence.

    And yet, somehow, I cannot.

    God, my heart aches.

    All I do is cry all the time.

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    2. Whiteraven


      You  can't predict the future, no matter how intelligence you are( and you are, very much so)  things like this will happen, but that doesn't make you any less intelligent. 

      Let your feelings out, cry, scream,shake,do aggressive art, mosh,aggressive poetry  and let that energy out in a healthy fashion,you are strong and smart. And remember that,tell that to your self. Write it down in the mirror and everytime you see it you'll remember. 

      You're emotions matter, and it's best not to bottle.  

      Take care, my friend.  

    3. winterwishes



    4. Jilted Yellow

      Jilted Yellow

      @snmls I'm trying to learn new ways of thinking, too. It's hard, when I'm used to being mean to myself and abusing myself, but I think I'm getting better. You take care too

      @Whiteraven Thank you <3 I'm trying to remind myself that my feelings are mine to feel, and somehow over the past few days I've been realizing that more and more. It makes me sad, and angry, that things like this happen, and I keep thinking, I don't want to learn to be strong from having a plethora of bad things happen to me. I hope I can just be strong and smart without having to be hurt, over and over and over again.

      @Winterwishes *~**(**(**(**(WinterWishes)**)**)**)**~*

  5. Welcome to the site! I'm new here, also, and thus far I've loved it. I hope you find it as welcoming and supportive as I have!
  6. Thanks, you all, for your welcome It really does mean a lot. I've gone to chatrooms and such, where I didn't feel accepted or welcome, so this means a lot Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone. I joined this forum a few years ago, a little while after I turned 17. I was really confused about a whole lot of things, and I came here to try and find clarity. I was confused, and angry w/ myself, among other things. I wasn't ready to talk at a forum like this, so I stopped after just a couple times. But, I'm back now, at age 19. I still am confused and angry and all types of emotions for various reasons--but I think I'm better able to talk here now. And, I think it'll help me. This seems like a nice, supportive place, and I hope that I can make friends here. At least meet some people that understand--and I hope I'll be able to understand myself better too! So, just introducing myself again! Looking forward to talking with you! --Jilted Yellow
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