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  1. kath


    HI Silent, Congrads on finally breaking the silence! You are very brave to join us at AS and most welcome. Post as often as you like becuase this is a safe place and we are all here for each other. You dont have to cope all alone. Sometime is does appear easier to suppress the traumatic events however you may find it a releif to process your thoughts/feeling/confusion. Whatever it is you are feeling, you can pretty much guarentee that there are people here that know exactly what your going through. Best wishes, and again congrads on having the courage to finally speak out.
  2. Welcome to AS. I hope you find this to be a safe refuge for you. You are not alone so please post a message as often as you find helpful. THere is a world-wide network of support here wanting the best for you so please take advantage of it. Take care and best wishes. Glad you have taken the first step to introduce yourslef!
  3. WELCOME to AS!! Apology not accepted as you have nothing to be sorry for! Take your time, post as often as you feel comfortable, read other people stories and you'll see your not alone. And congrads on having the courage in taking the step to join and introduce yourself. Take care of you. Kath
  4. Hey Star, What you've expressed is not strange or wierd at all although you may feel it. What you have described is a prefectly normal reaction to a traumatic event. Especially the bit where you say your unsure if it happened, if it was all made up. I used to feel like i was lying when i talked about my sexual abuse simply because it just felt so surreal that maybe i imagined it. So you are definatly not alone on that one! Stay strong with your feelings of self destruction. You are doing the right thing by reaching out to AS for support becuase there is a world-wide network of friendly people here to help you through. Also, congradulations on having the courage to seek help from a professional and trying to stick to your coping strategies. It can be really hard to turn around unhealthy habits and takes real strength and determination so you are definatly heading in the right direction. Hang in there! Kath
  5. Hey kayte. Welcome to AS. Just keep writing a post when ever you feel like it cos there is a world-wide support network here for you to be apart of. You may find that by sharing your story and reading others that your not alone in your experience. Best Wishes, Kath
  6. Thank you for the well wishes
  7. Hello, This is my first entry and am nervous just typing! I am still coming to terms with events from 15 months ago and struggling with my perception of what rape is. I had always imagined it to be a strange man jumping out from behind a bush on a dark night dragging me away kicking and screaming but it wasnt like that at all when it did happen. It was someone i thought i could feel safe with and i didnt put up much of a fight both times he did it to me. I didnt even think i had been raped but i knew it made me feel awful. I blame myself for not kicking and screaming and i keep making excuses for my perpetrator even though i know i shouldnt. I want him to hurt too but he probably doesn't even think he has done anything wrong. I know my conflicting thoughts and feelings are normal considering what has happened but it doesnt make it any easier. I have been in therapy every week for 6 months and still get flashbacks several times a day which makes me uncomfortable and anxious . I still hold a lot of anger for him even thought its wasted energy. Only my fiance knows what happened and its tiring pretending i'm managing ok especially when i get a flashback when i'm with him. Will this experience stay with me always? Does it ever go away or get any easier? How can i find a place for the memories to go where they dont bother me so much? Confused but trying.
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